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Friday, April 16th, 2010

We all know that if you want to become a better runner you need to RUN! But without a doubt, proper strength training will enhance your running technique and performance.

Take a look at these top 6 strength exercises for runners and start improving!

1. Walking Lunges: Walking lunges activate the large muscle groups of the lower body, specifically the gluteal muscles. Targeting these muscles will enhance running power and help strengthen the muscles associated with running hills.

Advanced Tip: Try holding an appropriate weighted barbell above your head while lunging as this will enhance core activation.

2. Squats: Once again…squats are great for lower body muscle activation. The heavy breathing involved with using these large muscle groups will help develop strong intercostal muscles, which are the muscles in between your ribs that aid in breathing!

Advanced Tip: With good form…activate the glutes by breaking a 90 degree angle by squatting low enough so your hips sink slightly lower than your knees. Do not allow your knees to extend past your toes.

3. Lat Pull Downs: This is a great exercise to increase strength in your large back muscles.This will promote better running posture and performance.

Advanced Tip:Pull down in front of your body, down to your chest. Never pull down behind the neck as this is bad for your cervical vertebrae.

4. Low Back Hyper-extensions: As with the pull downs…this is a great exercise to develop strength in your lower back muscles that help maintain an upright posture.

Advanced Tip: Don’t do too many reps in one workout. Over-training these muscles is easy to do and will cause unwanted pain in the days to follow. Keep reps in the range of 20-30 reps per workout.

5. Plank: This is a great exercise for developing the muscles associated with stabilizing the pelvis while running.

Advanced Tip: Keep your hips square to the floor and your forearms shoulder width apart throughout the exercise.

6. Prone Hamstring Curls: This exercise maintains a proper ratio of strength between your quads and hamstrings. This will help prevent knee and back injuries.

Advanced Tip: Try pointing your toes throughout the movement to enhance calf muscle activation.

Healthy employees = Happy employees

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

NORTH LOGAN, UT- March 1, 2010 – Studies show that worksite health promotion programs improve the health behaviors and conditions of employees, while significantly decreasing medical and absenteeism costs. Studies also show savings from these programs far outweigh the costs, with medical cost savings averaging $3.48 and absenteeism savings averaging $5.82 per dollar invested in a worksite health promotion program (The Health Promotion First Act, by David Anderson, Ph.D.).


The Sports Academy, a fitness club in Logan, Utah, first began offering a comprehensive Corporate Wellness Plan in 2006 and currently has more than 100 companies enrolled.


Riley Wimberly, V.P. Human Resources from D.L.V. Thiokol/ATK, said his employees have been enrolled in the Sports Academy’s Corporate Wellness program for four years. He said he has seen an increase in employee effectiveness through involvement in the program.


“Thiokol Defense and launch vehicles division encourages employee participation in physical fitness activities because we believe that there is a positive correlation between physical health and mental health. A healthy employee will be a more effective employee. Therefore we subsidize employee memberships to selected health clubs,” Wimberly said.


Daily exercise contributes to the prevention and lowering of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease. An active lifestyle also helps release tension and stress and minimizes medical costs for illness, prescriptions and sports related injuries.


When companies enroll in the Sports Academy’s Corporate Wellness Program, each employee receives a fitness evaluation and orientation, access to nutrition and fitness seminars and monthly tracking and fitness challenges, all facilitated by the Academy’s qualified and professional staff. Employees have full access to the Sports Academies group fitness classes, fitness equipment, pool and spa, basketball, racquetball and tennis courts and other academies for improved health.


Employees aren’t the only one’s who benefit from a Corporate Wellness Program. Employers also see the benefits qualifying for health insurance discounts and decreasing the amount paid for employee sick leave because of improved health. Corporate Wellness Plans also exemplify a concerned management, which improves employee loyalty.


Wes Archibald, Sports Academy membership manager, said Corporate Wellness Plans benefit both the employee and employer of a participating company. 


“Healthy employees equal happy employees,” Archibald said. “By enrolling in a Corporate Wellness Plan, employees will relieve stress through daily exercise and minimize medical costs from improved health and prevention of life-threatening diseases. These factors will result in more productive, creative employees that will improve your company. Wellness plans work.”


The Sports Academy & Racquet Club is a family health club whose mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and contribute to the betterment of the community by helping young people acquire a positive self-esteem through the development and advancement to a competitive level, increasing the physical and emotional well-being of individuals through an improvement of health, offering an opportunity for family recreation and providing a full-fitness facility for the benefit of the community and the improvement of the lives of its people.