Meet the Trainers

Hi! I’m Megan Niederhauser. I grew up in Salt Lake City with a family who loved the outdoors. I grew up snowboarding, rock climbing, backpacking and canyoneering. I loved sports and played soccer for many years but grew a passion for tennis. After high school I attended Utah State University for a couple of years. I loved college but wanted to do something that helped people, so I left to live in China where I helped little children learn English. A few months after I got back, I went to Arizona where I served an lds mission. While in Arizona I met my husband. We soon got married and we have two of the most amazing little girls that we love and adore! My husband and I currently live in Logan where we still enjoy the outdoors and being active. We love to go boating and snowmobiling any chance we get. I love being active and I love fitness. Becoming a personal trainer has been one of my greatest accomplishments and I can’t wait to help others reach their fitness goals!


Hi, I’m Camille Martindale! "I believe life isn't about avoiding the bruises, I think it's about collecting the scars to prove that we showed up for it!!" I love the smell of chalk mixed with sweat. I love the sound of weights being clanked on the floor. I love the feel of a barbell in my hands, along with my heart pounding in my chest. I'm a once avid crossfitter turned competitive powerlifter, and a wannabe Ninja Warrior! And when I die I want to be buried in the mountains, for its the one place I feel most at home.

Matt Flygare grew up here in the Valley and knows more about Baseball than anyone you will ever meet!   He played college baseball and has continued his passion for fitness here at the Sports Academy by helping clients reach their goals through functional training. Matt loves running, golfing and especially spending time with his family. 


Sarah Johnson is a former collegiate soccer and rugby athlete turned personal trainer. She is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Sarah is also an avid outdoors-woman and loves being active with her family.

 Meet Michael Bradley "AKA" Mountain man ninja! He loves to hike in the sun, rain, snow and has been known to do so barefoot even! If you ever need to find him, simply follow all the "oohs and aww's" as he performs death defying tricks that dazzle and amaze most, especially females whom seem to swoon in his presence! On top of all of this he is pretty dang cool and fun train with!!


My name is Greg Panfiloff and I have been here at the Sports Academy for more than half my life. In my spare time I like to play with my 4 boys and spend time with my beautiful wife. I LOVE working out and I’m always down for some gambling. I drive a mini van. I believe anything below 90 degrees is too cold. I am a ORGANATERIAN but not a strict vegetarian. You can just call me the BFG (Big friendly Greg) and remember if you’re not working out with Greg then its not working out..

Hello my name is Derrick Harper. I was born here in cache valley and enjoy living in this area. I like pretty much everything outdoors from hiking to flying. I've been working at sports academy for 3 years and still love coming to work everyday. I am NASM certified among with rip 60/rapid fit, insanity, P90X and also a few others. I grew up playing all the little sports but enjoyed soccer the most, I really didn't get serious into exercising until my early 20's and now I just enjoy lifting weights and going on long romantic hikes.


Ryan is an exercise physiologist with ACSM and has a Masters degree in human movement science from USU. His passion is helping people improve their quality of life through improved general fitness and rehabilitation. He is especially passionate about race training and enjoys competing in triathlon, mountain bike and spartan races.

Heather Clayton is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and is also certified in Rapid Fit, Rip 60, Free Fit 360, ViPR, and foam rolling. Heather has been working at the Sports Academy since Fall of 2012. She specializes in weight loss, but also is able to help those coming off injuries. She also teaches some of the All Access classes. "I'm here to help you achieve your fitness goals and I am passionate about supporting you along the way to living a healthier life!"


My name is Holly Voges. I am a mom with two kids (three and one), and let me tell you, it’s not quiet at our house! I am a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in Weight loss and Corrective Exercise. I decided to become a personal trainer while my husband was in the military and we were stationed overseas in Germany. I put on a lot of weight while we were living there and I decided to change my life. After a lot of sweat and tears I made a life change and now I want to help others do the same. I am excited to be working at Sports Academy and to get to know all of you!

Hi, I’m Jenna Eskelson! I attended Southern Virginia University where I played college softball! I also graduated with a Bachelors in Family Life and Child Development while I was there.  Later in life, after having 2 kids, I found myself overweight and unhappy. I wanted to change and to find joy in being active again. I joined the Sports Academy and fell in love with being active all over again. I was able to be a part of the Ultimate Loser program and lost 27 lbs. Right after the program I moved to Missouri while my husband attended Physical Therapy School. While there, I was able to become involved in a cancer survivor program called, “Livestrong for the Y”. I became the lead instructor for the program and decided I wanted to become a certified personal trainer. I became an AFAA certified personal trainer, began teaching group aerobics, then moved back to Cache Valley where I started working as a personal trainer at the Sports Academy. I am now very passionate about improving and changing lives through health and fitness.


Hi! I'm Kim Murri. I was born and raised in Washington State and moved to the valley in 2016 where I have been working at Sports Academy ever since. I love to do anything active including hiking, rock climbing, stunting, spartan races, and aerial acrobatics. I am an ACE certified personal trainer as well as WSI certified. I coached swim team for 8 years and love training both on land and in the water. I am currently finishing up my Exercise Science degree and will be continuing grad school in the upcoming future. I love improving lives through health and fitness and assisting others in reaching their goals!


Meet Rob! After losing over 100 pounds himself, Rob now has the desire to help others get THEIR health back. Rob knows that there is no obstacle too hard or impossible to overcome. He is a NASM certified Personal Trainer since January 2014 and is a Spartan Race Obstacle Specialist. He is a body transformer and will help anyone overcome anything and make them believe that nothing is impossible to achieve


Hey what’s up guys! My name is Tess Mickelsen and I am currently a freshman studying nursing at USU🤙🏼 I love hiking, rock climbing, working out, swimming, and dogs. Life is pretty chill but it also goes by super fast so make it worth it, work hard, love yourself, reach your goals, and have no regrets🤙🏼 if you want to take your first steps towards a fitness goal than hit me up and we can get started creating the best version of yourself possible!


Hi! my name is Jordan Brooks. I'm 25 years old. I grew up in American Fork, Utah then moved to Logan, Utah where I graduated in Exercise Science. I spent 6 years in the Army where I finished as a Sergeant. I just recently left a physical therapy clinic where I worked with patients with all sorts of injuries. I grew up with a passion for sports and fell in love with fitness within the past couple years. I want to do my part to teach and educate people about exercise, nutrition and ultimately loving the person they see in the mirror. Let me help you live the happy and healthy lifestyle you deserve. 

Thy name is Sir Andrew but you my call me Andy at your leisure.  I sit on the square table of trainees here at SARC and am ready to help you take your fitness to the next level.    I enjoy the social, mental and physical well being that physical training can bring oneself and having been pursuing it since my early years of youth gone by.  I train any variety of clientele depending on their athletic needs, wants and fitness goals. In ones free time you can usually find me in the realm of Brazilian jujitsu choking and being choked. Live Long and Prosper!


Meet Ade! I am of Nigerian descent.  Born in Oklahoma City, I moved around frequently throughout my early childhood and adolescence.  I lived in Nigeria, Houston, Texas, Salt Lake City, and now Logan, Utah.  I spent majority of my adolescent years being active and playing a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, track & field, and football.  Plagued by knee injuries, I was unable to continue playing sports competitively as a result I turned my full attention to fitness.  I am a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).  I specialize in strength & conditioning, muscle building and fat loss, I train both males and females.


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