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    Tunde Zsido
    Emerald Green
    Brooke Phillips

Indoor Cycling Classes

Schedule Updated June 2, 2014 Welcome to the nicest spin room in the North!  Our classes offer skilled and experienced instructors that will take you on the ride of your life, but get there early because classes always fill up!  Can’t make a class time, check out  a Spin DVD at the front desk anytime during the day as well!
9:00 am Aerobic Ride
5:30 pm Aerobic Ride
9:00 am Cycle Ride
9:00 am Aerobic Ride
5:30 pm Aerobic Ride
9:00 am Cycle Ride
9:00 am Switch Cycle
10:00 am Begin Cycle
Aerobic Ride- This ride will be an aerobic style work out.  The lights will the low, the music intense and the energy high.  The instructor will offer a variety of workout challenges.  No class is ever the same! Begin Cycle- Come find out what you’ve been missing in spinning! This is a fun and motivating class to get you started in the right direction.  Learn how to set up your equiptment and use proper form. Cycle Ride- This class is catered more toward the outdoor cyclist.  The class will focus on maintaining endurance and skill for rides when the weather warms up. Instructor Challenge – Let the coach lead the way!  Choreography and target heart rate will vary depending on the journey.  Close your eyes and enjoy the ride.  Saturday class may be up to 90 minutes.